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Live the Ashram Experience in Kamadhenu

Immerse yourself in the ashram experience, a unique opportunity to live in harmony with the practices of yoga and meditation. Participate in regular yoga and meditation classes, mantra chanting sessions, and enjoy nutritious vegetarian meals.

Activities and Benefits

Apart from yoga and meditation classes, you can engage in Karma Yoga activities with local children and youth, or dedicate time to your own work and study in a calm and spiritual environment. Our facilities, including high-speed Wi-Fi, are available for your personal use.


Flexibility and stay

The ashram stay is designed for flexibility, allowing guests to choose a duration that ranges from a few days up to several weeks, depending on their personal needs and availability. Enjoy a peaceful environment, benefit from a healthy diet to detoxify your body, and participate actively in our community life.


How to take part

For more information or to organize your stay at the ashram, write to us through WhatsApp, send an email, or send us a message on Instagram. We are ready to help you plan your personalized ashram experience.


Serve, love and give

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