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Facility Rental in Kamadhenu: A Unique Venue for Retreats and Events

Welcome to Kamadhenu, an award-winning haven of peace and architectural beauty located on the outskirts of Subachoque. Our facilities, with a modern design that fuses concrete, high-quality wood, glass and stone, offer a sanctuary of tranquility surrounded by vibrant nature. Here, where peace and quiet are palpable, is the perfect space for your retreat or event.

Natural environment

Located 2,800 meters above sea level, our gardens are home to a diversity of fruit and floral trees, creating an idyllic landscape for reflection and personal growth. The surrounding area, free of greenhouses and plastic roofs, offers some of the best nature views and experiences near Bogotá.

Accommodation and capacity

Kamadhenu can accommodate up to 30 people with accommodation options in nearby farms and a country hotel. We also offer the unique experience of sleeping on mats in our meditation room or camping in nature. Our facilities include a spacious meditation hall, green areas, multi-purpose dining room and a well-equipped industrial kitchen.


Ideal Events

Kamadhenu is ideal for meditation and yoga retreats, business meetings, personal growth retreats and group therapies. Our main requirement is that your event promotes well-being and is aligned with our values of contribution to human development.


Services and Support

We offer complete food services, prepared by us or with the option of bringing your own chef. We have equipment such as chairs, whiteboard, television for presentations and comprehensive logistical support to ensure that your event runs smoothly.


Serve, love and give

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